Wedge Sneakers or Sneaker Wedges? Who Cares? They Rock!

get them in yo’ life

Sneaker wedges have been hot for the last 2 years or so and.. can you believe they are still going strong? Well I can’t.

I didn’t jump onto sneaker wedge wave when they initially became popular. Mainly because I thought they would be fad – in and out within a New York fashion minute. Well, here we are midway through 2013 and sneaker wedges are still hot and relevant. Wow, did they prove me wrong <clearing throat>.

 finally surfing the wave

During my last trip to Kohls, I was drawn to these sneaker wedges. I thought they were cute and decided to try them on. Whoa! They were sooooooo freakin’ comfortable. I just had to have them! And, Now!

did I mention how comfortable they are?

Yeah, they are cute. Sure, they are hip and trendy. But that wasn’t the reason I decided to pay $60 bucks for these wedge sneakers (especially when I swear by my $50 limit). I was sold on the comfort.  The easy styling and versatility played a major part too. But, boy, did I tell you how comfortable they are?

crazy fun and easy styling

Sneaker wedges are super fun. They pair great with skinny jeans too. To add a more feminine “touch” pair them with a skater skirt and a tank.

Here are the links to the pair I purchased from Kohls {I have the black pair}. They are made by Candies:

Black (,

Taupe (

You can also find a huge variety of sneaker wedges on the Steve Madden website. This link will take you straight to the wedges.


Do you own a pair of sneaker wedges? If so, how do you wear them? Let me know in the comments below!


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8 comments on “Wedge Sneakers or Sneaker Wedges? Who Cares? They Rock!
  1. Corina Ramos says:

    I’ve seen Sara Jessica Parker wearing these…they look cool but I don’t think I could rock them like that :)

    • Hey Corina! They are all bark no bite – lol. These are so comfortable that even people who typically don’t wear heels can pull these off. Thanks for commenting,


  2. You know, I really expected these to be a fleeting trend, but look how they have stuck around! I own a pair, and I love them. I might need to buy a 2nd.

  3. Olivia says:

    Oh, how I love wedges! They are the perfect mix of sneaker and heels!

  4. I own a few pairs and love them!

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