Keep Glitter On This Halloween With These Tips


Well you have that craft drawer filled with left over glitter and rhinestones…And, Halloween is around the corner, right? It’s a great time to put some of it to use whether it is for fun or to take your Halloween look up a notch.

getting ‘glittered’ for Halloween

Wearing glitter can be fun but getting it to stay ON…well, that’s not so fun. The glitter goddesses have heard our complaints year after year, Mardi Gras after Mardi Gras and Halloween after Halloween. In the name of glitz and glam, we want our glitter and rhinestones to stay PUT! The answer…glitter glues.

“In the name of glitz and glam, we want our glitter and rhinestones to stay PUT! ”

matter of face vs body

Finding the right glitter glue is important. Some cater to the body where others specialize in eyes and face. For body wear, I recommend Hard Candy’s Show Girl Secret Glitter Glue. You can pick up Show Girl Secret Glitter Glue at your neighborhood Wal-Mart for about $5. For eyes and face, I recommend Two Faced Glitter Glue. Swing by your nearest Ulta or Sephora to grab it. Two Faced Glitter Glue costs $18.

saving on glitter

You can save a ton on glitter by checking out your local craft store or online discount cosmetics stores like BH Cosmetics. They have a wide spectrum of glitter for about $3. In comparison to costume shops which can charge up to triple that amount. The glitter is also cosmetic-grade so it is finely milled and perfect for the eye and face area.

the backup plan

You know we all gotta have one. The backup plan. If you find yourself in need of some ‘glitter-ization’ without the glitter glue products I’ve mentioned above, no fear. There’s always alternatives laying around your home. These items can be used for applying glitter to both your face and body effectively. They won’t give as much staying power but they still get the job done: (1) Eyelash glue (2) Vaseline (3) your favorite lip balm. I also recommend them in that same order.

Have a safe Halloween all!


Before you go? What’s was your favorite Halloween costume ever? Mine was this Cat in the Hat costume from a year or two ago. I’m thinking I could’ve added a little glitter to my lash line in red – like a red glitter liner. Hmm…hindsight.


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2 comments on “Keep Glitter On This Halloween With These Tips
  1. Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I love the eye shadow glitter but I think my eyes might be too small. I’m thinking it might make my eyes look smaller :) .

    I’m 43 years old and I still love playing with make up and practicing. I don’t wear eye shadow every day so I’m not good at blending and applying :)

    Thanks for this tip! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday girlfriend!

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