Hey, Wait! Do Wigs Damage Your Hair?!

I feel I owe so many people this post. This by far is one of the questions I’m asked the most. Do wigs damage your hair? Even as a HUGE wig lover, the health of my natural hair is very important to me.

So the answer to the question is both yes and no. It all boils down to the way you treat your hair while wearing wigs. If you neglect your hair it can break and shed. But if you take steps to protect your hair, it can become healthier.

Wearing wigs (and even weaves) for many is considered a protective style. Protective styles promote natural hair growth and health. You’re not manipulating your hair everyday so it’s stronger.

? Here are a few tips for healthy hair with wigs.

care for your edges.

With lace front and full lace wigs, your edges are the most exposed. So they are prone to breakage. Ensure your edges (and nape area) are always moisturized and tangle-free. Use conditioning creams, oils and non-drying edge control gels. The stronger and healthier your edges are the less likely they are to fall out.

use a wig cap.

Always wear a wig cap with wigs. It acts as a barrier between your hair and the wig’s lining. It protects your hair and keeps your wigs cleaner longer. Just be sure to stay away from nylon/stocking caps. Use spandex or silk-lined caps instead. They are much gentler and less likely to damage your hair.

don’t use the clips!

Most wigs come with wig clips at the temples and nape area. These help keep the wig in place and secure on your head. They also can damage your hair. Instead use large bobby pins or wig grips if you need more security. They are less damaging and easier to remove.

don’t glue it.

I never glue down my wigs ever. I’d rather take it off and put it back on daily. Using lace glue can damage your hairline over time. They can also irritate the delicate skin on your forehead and nape area.


So there you have it. Yes. You can maintain healthy, thriving hair underneath your wigs. Maintaining and protecting your hair with these tips will prevent damage. They will also prolong the life of your favorite wigs.

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2 comments on “Hey, Wait! Do Wigs Damage Your Hair?!
  1. Britt J. says:

    I absolutely love your blog and reviews! Ordered a few wigs that you recommended and can’t wait to see them on! I was wondering what is your favorite wig cap as a go to? I have a similar skin tone and the current ones I have are too tight (I have a big head LOL) and a bit rough. Thanks for always posting! 🙂

    • Hi Britt!
      Thanks for reaching out to me! I actually wear either a black or dark brown wig cap. Since I add a skintone powder or concealer to the parting, it doesn’t really matter. I also use a wig band. It’s a skin tone color but that’s just to keep the hair in place. Hope this helps XOXO

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