Go For Tights With Designs This Fall

The Shake Out!

We don’t need Sarah Jessica Parker and Khloe Kardashian to show us that the right pair of tights can “jazz” anything up. Unlike high heels and red lipstick, we didn’t need to wait until our teenage years to see the impact they had on an outfit. Nope. Most of us have been sashaying in tights since the “diaper age”.

With that said…

Go ahead. Whip them out! Unball them from those deep, dark corners of your underwear drawer. Shake out the legs. And let it all hang out.

‘Tis The Season For Tights

Tights are the ideal fashion accessory for this time of the year for many reasons:

(a) They keep you warm <brrrrr>
(b) They can add a little “umph” to any outfit <bam!>
(c) They can take a questionable too short skirt or dress to just right <whoopsy>

Mo’ Flavors Than Dunkin Donuts

Tights come in so many styles: opaque, lace, patterns, polka dots – even textures. With more variety than your local Dunkin Donuts, there’s no such thing as the wrong tights (as long as you pair them with the right outfit). So indulge and let your imagination run free. Here are a couple of fashionable tights to add to your look this fall:

lady love lace

Oh! Who doesn’t love a little lace? The larger lace design makes these tights super sexy and classy in the same breath. Perfect with pumps. (By Lulus )

lounging in leopards

These leopard tights sport a trendy eggplant hue which is awesome for the fall and winter months. (By trendylegs)

bows over boys

tights, leggins, fall fashion

Ultra feminine and flirty. These bow-embossed tights are great for adding a “girly” touch to an edgy or masculine outfit. (By Lulus )

as a matter of cat

Sometimes you wanna be noticed! If so, these cat-tattoo tights fit the bill. They are perfect for Halloween, themed-parties, or the girl who likes to get all of the attention. (By Amazon )


Which of these tights are your favorite? How will you add tights into your fall wardrobe this year? Be sure to let me know what you think! in the comments below.


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12 comments on “Go For Tights With Designs This Fall
  1. Corina Ramos says:

    I love wearing tights…they are stylish and keep me warm! I just can’t rock a short skirt like these models, lol! I love ones you shared here especially the kitty. :)

    Happy Wednesday hon!

  2. OMG! I LOVE the cat tights. Those are fabulous! I wish I had the legs to pull them off. I used to love wearing tights but now living in California, it’s too warm. I’m originally from Minnesota so 60 degrees is really nice whereas the natives are cold and probably wearing cute tights. :)

  3. Sicorra says:

    Those are some really cute examples!
    When I use to dress up for work I loved wearing tights in the winter as well. They are warm and looked nice too.

    • Thanks Sicorra! These are my favs at the moment. I usually stock up on tights at Burlington Coat factory and Marshalls during the winter. They have tons of designer brands at half the price. Thanks for commenting,


  4. Donna says:

    I love tights in the fall and winter! You really can change the look of an outfit with different tights. And I can get away with wearing a shorter skirt/dress in colder weather if I wear tights. :) At my age, I couldn’t wear those cat tight, though, but they are super cute!

  5. Irish Carter says:

    I love tights – they do keep you warm in the winter. I really wish I could tell you I lived in a tropical beach area where it is just too hot to wear them but not gonna happen today. LOL

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

  6. I love the lounging in leopard print tights! They are super cute and I love that color for fall/winter!

    #ImEveryWoman Issue #9

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