Easter Nail Designs: Glitter, Bows and Stripes

Easter nail designs that are…


Spring is in full blossom and this nail art design has it all: florals, glitter, bows, stripes.

Nail polishes used:

Essie Cascade Cool is a creamy, sweet dusty pink. Part of the 2012 Bikini So Teeny Summer Collection.

FingerPants Hue Left a Message is the glitter polish in this design. FingerPants Hue Left a Message is part of  a nail collection line found at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

One Click L♥ve

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Truly Beautiful Nailz By LaTrece is an expert nail artist and a regular contributor on GirlRatesWorld.com. Be sure to check out her nail art designs here and via twitter @TrulyBeautifull.


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Truly Beauty Nails is a Nail Art Expert as well as the Founder/ Owner/ Nail tech of Truly Beautiful Nailz.
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2 comments on “Easter Nail Designs: Glitter, Bows and Stripes
  1. Joanna says:

    Lovely designs!

  2. Hey JoJo! Yeah, they are super girly and springy!

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