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Today I had the opportunity to interview Eugenia from She is a beauty blogger specializing in product reviews. She has reviewed tons of products on her blog and will mention a couple of her favorite items in our interview. She and I have so much in common. We even share the same favorite holiday – and for the same reason!  She is girl-next-door sweet and beautiful inside and out.

GRW: Why Did You Start Geniabeme Beauty Blog?
I was bored at work, haha. I had a really cool boss that let me do whatever I wanted when I had downtime so I decided to start a blog. I use to make webpages and make graphics when I was younger and missed doing it. I had been watching reviews on YouTube and thought it would be fun to do but I could never do videos so a blog was the next best thing.

GRW: How Long Have You Been Blogging?
Since 2009. I started it then but stopped blogging a couple times since then because of traveling for work.

GRW: What Was Your 1st Blog Post About?
A Lush mini haul! I just looked it up and made me laugh!

GRW: Do You Have A Beauty Tip That You Love Sharing With Friends And Family?
Black African Soap. I love it and its super cheap. It’s the best for cleaning off makeup and for acne!

GRW: What’S Your Phone’s Ringtone?
Boring regular iPhone default ringtone. My text messages is usually the sound from Law and Order!

GRW: Pancakes Or Waffles?
Waffles! I like a little crisp in my food.

GRW: What’s Your Favorite Hair Product(s) Right Now?
Rock Your Hair. The volume powder is the best! The spray mousse is awesome too! I recently got a long bob and need products to add volume!

GRW: Matte Or Shimmer?

GRW: What’s Your Favorite Holiday? Why?
Thanksgiving. I LOVE food. I love big meals with family and friends.

GRW: In The Check Out Lane, Which Magazine Are You Reading As You Wait?
To be honest, none. I’m too busy scoping out the different snack and candies I love food remember!?

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