GRW 25: Ruby Cups – A Monthly Menstrual Gem

Menstrual cups are new but not so new at the same time. Within the last year or so they have been the most talked about thing in town.

I’ve talked about a few menstrual cup brands here on GRW. Today I wanted to talk a bit about Ruby Cups.

Ruby cups is a menstrual cup manufacturer from Denmark. What really impresses me about this company is their buy one give one campaign. For every menstrual cup purchased, they will give a cup away to a girl in Kenya who cannot afford tampons or pads. I find that very noble of them and not to mention the impact they are making in these girls’ lives.

Menstrual cups gives us more flexibility when it comes to our period. They are cheaper, healthier, cleaner, greener and a few more “-ers” that you can learn more about here.

Menstrual cups can range from $29 to $49 and they can be found just about everywhere including Amazon and Walmart.

I decided to mention Ruby Cups today because of the benefits they were bringing to impoverished communities as well as the ongoing theme that’s developed over the last few weeks: we talked tampon delivery services in episode 23 and a little vagina monologue in episode 24. So I thought it would be keep with the theme and discuss menstrual cups on the GirlRatesWorld beauty podcast.

The biggest selling point for menstrual cups is their ability to allow you to “be yourself” during your period. You can go swimming, horseback riding…you name it, you can do it. You don’t have to worry about overnight wear, odor or leakage either.

Be sure to check out more information on menstrual cups and if you want to learn more about Ruby Cups and their buy one give one campaign, checkout their website.

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  1. I considered these at one time but after looking into it more, the thought totally grossed me out and I erased it from my mind. 😉 Being I’m perimenopausal now and the flows I get, it couldn’t even be an option.

    Power to those who are using it!

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